Each visit is 20 to 30 minutes in length. During major holidays we may visit for a shorter time, but all services required will be completed during each visit. We do not charge extra for holiday visits.

During each visit, in addition to the exercising, potty and general making-fuss-of that you would expect, we will check the environment - i.e. your home - for anything unusual or which could be a danger to your pet(s). Over the years we have learned to never underestimate the capacity of our charges to get themselves into trouble when left to amuse themselves between our visits.

We have known cats to open doors and cupboards, to shred pillows, to knock over valuable china, etc.. We have known dogs to open doors, jump the garden fence and wander the neighborhood, pull items from counter tops we thought were out of their reach (including medicines) and eat them or chew anything else they can find. One dog managed to get out of a 2nd floor window and become stuck on a narrow ledge 20ft in the air!

As importantly we will check the state and health of your animal(s) at every visit. Accidents can happen and illness can occur whilst you are away, even where the animal shows no signs before you leave. Minor illness and small injuries such as sprains, cuts or bruises can be treated in situ. Major illness or injuries will normally require a visit to a veterinarian - either your regular vet or our on-call vet. In this case we will try our utmost to contact you before we take any action but, as always, the welfare of your animal will be our primary concern. We have had to deal with all manner of medical emergencies, from major illness to snake bites and are proud to say that we have always managed to obtain a satisfactory result.


We will leave you a short description of how the visit went and general information together with the time of our service. This can be e-mailed to you or handwritten. This helps you to know what occurred during your absence. Increasingly we are asked to provide immediate feedback after each visit, such as an SMS text or a picture - and we are happy to do this.