We typically require two methods of access, such as two keys or a key and a garage door or electronic door-lock code, to be provided at the initial interview. If you have provided keyless access, this would be our preferred method normally used by your Carer for each visit, but we would still require an alternative, such as a simple door key, as we have known garage door openers and other electrical/electronic devices to fail.

Any keys you provide will be held at our office and stored in a lock box separated from our service contracts and other client information. Our office is also protected 24x7x365 by ten dogs to put off any intruders!

We know that we carry a great responsibility to keep your keys or other means of access, such as a garage door code, safe and secure. We code our keys with a number only and do not make duplicates without your permission. Our safe and secure coding system prevents anyone from linking the key back to your home address.

The provision of a backup key ensures that if there is a problem with the keyless entry or an emergency arises with your pet care provider, another member of our team can continue caring for your pet(s).

Also, with an access method on-hand we would be able to step in at short notice and care for your pets in an emergency situation, such as a last minute trip or a crisis such as an accident or hospitalization of you or your family.

If you prefer not to use our safe key service, there is a small charge for us to pickup and drop off the key each time it is collected and returned.

If your property is located in a gated community we would need you to arrange access on a 24hr basis during any period we are providing service, not just for our scheduled visit times. This is so that we can deal with any emergencies that may arise. All of our employees carry photo-IDs, copies of which can be provided in advance if necessary.

Thoughts4Paws is known to most of the Police departments in our area as a home visit company. For security reasons we do not mark our vehicles with any corporate logos etc. so that we do not provide a target for any potential thieves watching your property or give them an indication that you may be away. It may be helpful, however, for you to inform your neighbors and anyone else who may need to know that we will be visiting as we have had the police called by "concerned" neighbors on a number of occasions!