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For our safety and your pet(s), please do not ask your friendsneighbors, or relatives to stop by and check in on the animals, plants, or home during our service agreement dates. You should notify us of anyone who may be entering the premises during the agreed pet sitting times. If we find someone on your property when we get there and no one is scheduled to be on the premises, we will contact the police for our safety and your security.

Under exceptional circumstances we may have to modify our service if we find that the pet under our care is in danger being alone or if it poses a danger to the health and safety of our Pet Sitter. If such concerns prohibit us from caring for your pet in your home, we may seek a suitable alternative arrangement, such as placing your pet in a kennel.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with any animal under our care, whatever their medical/mental condition or their attitude towards our visits, and have only had to relocate an animal twice in over ten years of operation!