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Susan Karnes (letter to The Community News)

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Feline felicitation
"I would like to extend my family's gratitude to a local pet sitting business, Thoughts4Paws. Two days after she begun tending for out pets while I was out-of-state, Thoughts4Paws owner Lyn Sykes noticed one of our pets did not seem well. She took him to our vet, Aledo Veterinary Clinic, where he underwent emergency surgery that saved his life. Dr, McEndree later told me that whatever I was paying Lyn, "it wasn't enough". The cat would not have survived another 24hrs.

My family is indebted to Lyn for her care and attention. We certainly will use Thoughts4Paws in the future and recommend Lyn to everyone we know.

Our gratitude, too, to Fido & Friends for referring Lyn to us, and to Dr. Darryl McEndree and Aledo Vet Clinic for their (as always) wonderful care. It is reassuring to know that our neighboring businesses are so attentive, competent and caring ... perfect examples of why we love living in Parker County."

Dr. Robert Bearden

I have been Lyn Sykes' Vet for over twenty years. During this time I have witnessed her passion for all kinds of animals. Not only her own, but for any animal in need. Many people over the years have relied on her to see that not only their animals are taken care of, but animals that they find. It only seems fitting that she should make a business out of something that comes naturally to her and something she loves. If I did not feel that animals would get the utmost attention under her care, I would not have consented to be her Veterinarian of record for Thoughts4Paws.

Blair and Janelle Currin

This past summer we were in need of someone to care for our two cats while we were vacationing. We contacted Lyn and found her to be attentive to procedure, routine and any special needs as she realizes this is the way of animals. In addition to caring for our cats, she picked up the mail and newspapers, watered potted plants and topped off the bird bath. Lyn is organized and responsible and made her services available to us when we needed her. We didn't worry about out pets while we were gone. They were in qualified hands. We highly recommend Lyn and Thoughts4Paws to anyone who wants to know their pets are being cared for properly.

Michelle Post

Thank you so much for taking great care of Sable. It's nice to know that she's in good hands when I'm away.

Dennis and Sharon Neighbours

Lyn was terrific with our motley crew -- a bossy Aussie, a love hungry Labrador deceiver and little Daisy, a sweet, sometimes difficult Maltese mix. They all fell in love with Lyn, especially Daisy. She really cares and Sharon and I would not hesitate to call on her again.

Michael Carter

Some people, per the rumor, have pets. The rest of us, luckily, are blessed with a presence far greater and more precious than could ever be called a "pet". Jake is my baby; he is my youngest, and now only, cat; he is a joy; he is a gift from God. Finding someone who can tender the same degree of care and love and concern as I do for Jake is very hard to find. Jake and I both treasure Lyn - I have to travel as part of my job, and knowing that Lyn is here taking thorough, complete, loving and kind care for my now elderly cat is a huge, huge relief. The best part is that Jake is no longer disconcerted by the sight of a suitcase - I firmly believe that he enjoys being with Lyn!

Valerie Ciaccio

Hooray! I now feel comfortable leaving my furry family when I go out of town. Lyn did a terrific, caring job with my guys. No sad faces when I returned! I definitely recommend Thoughts4Paws! I know I will use them from now on.