Lyn Sykes

My name is Lyn Sykes...

I have just started my sixtieth fifth year on this world. As Lyn Buxton I worked in an office environment for fifteen years. I was totally out of my element. Along came Mr. Sykes (Andrew) who convinced me that, with the carpal tunnel and degenerative thumb joints I had acquired through years of computer data entry and my total distaste for being cooped up indoors, I should try something else - and marry him to boot!

Being raised on a farm in New Hampshire with tons of animals and parents who were as crazy about animals and nature as I am, the answer was easy; work outside with animals.

I started my life bringing home anything that I thought needed help; cats, dogs, a fawn, birds, rabbits, fish, frogs, toads -- you name it, I adopted it at one time or another.

Later I went to nursing school so I could help the sick. Little did I know that I would subsequently use my knowledge to work as a surgical assistant in a veterinary hospital. I have continued to adopt anything that needed a home.

My home now consists of...

Four cats reside in our house. All rescues. There is also a cat quarantine center that is a facility of the Buddies Place Cat Rescue organization I help run which houses up to 20 cats waiting to go out for adoption.

We have eleven dogs from large to small; Naila, Rufus, Sailor, Sam, Lilly Bea, Milo, Preston, Lexi, Winnie, Pip and Bear. All rescues. Some we got from a rescue center; some, like Rufus and Sam, we found wandering the street ..... some, like Winnie, just came to us to stay and never left.

We have a wonderful pair of Cockatoos named Buster and Busterini. Buster was a breeder for a commercial laboratory in Florida and came to us via a very long an arduous journey. After 5 years with us, we found him the love of his life and he has never been happier. We also have a Timneh African Grey named Timmy, who spent his first 7yrs in solitary confinement in a garage but who loves peanuts, whistles the theme to "Dallas", imitates my Husband and gives our dogs orders, plus Herbie, a peach-fronted conure who is actually female. All of these babies are rescues.

But wait, there is still more; two Miniature horses (Maverick and Mieja), an aviary filled with Cockatiels, Budgerigars and Finches, many Chickens, five Geese, an ever increasing flock of wild Guinea Fowl who moved onto our property three years ago and never left, a school of Fish (no names) and one VERY understanding husband. We live on four acres, just so I can have my dream. You can see pictures of our tribe and of our charges past and present on our Facebook page. 


Holly Stoval

Holly grew up in Missouri and has had to overcome many trials and tribulations before settling in Texas with her current husband. Eventually her love of animals led her to our door. Of her job with Thoughts4Paws, Holly says:

"I am blessed to have a job that I love! It is very rewarding and fulfilling to come home every day knowing I've made a difference in an animal's life."