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House Sitting

In addition to our Pet Sitting services we also provide a general House Sitting service, which includes the following activities:

  • Re-stock fridge and pantry with fresh perishables such as Milk, Butter and Bread

  • Indoor/Outdoor watering of potted plants

  • Newspaper and/or mail pickup

  • Trash to curb and back

  • Lights turned off and on, to give your home that lived in look

  • Window blinds rotated, open or close drapes

  • Bird feeder and bird baths filled

  • Daily security check of property including potential costly problems such as a leaking water heater or non-functioning refrigerator

  • Peace of mind

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This service is especially useful for extended periods of absence, such as holidays.

If you have any special requirements we will be happy to discuss including them at each visit, though this may carry an additional charge