Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, such as a hail storm, tornado, flood, fire, etc., we will make every effort to see that your pets and property are secure. We will deliver fresh food and water or move your pet to a safe location and will notify you of our actions as soon as possible.

We are proud to say that in our years of operation we have never failed to keep an agreed visit schedule, regardless of what the weather has chosen to throw at us!

We will also try our best to help with any emergency situation that may arise when we are not formally taking care of your pet. We can always be contacted at short notice via our published telephone number.

Family emergencies are always stressful and we will endeavor to remove the worry that your pet is being properly cared for; thus enabling you to deal with the matter in hand for as long as may be necessary.

Medical Emergencies

We always recommend that you maintain a First Aid Kit in your house to deal with any minor medical requirements your pet might have.

When you pet is under our care we will deal with more serious medical problems as agreed with you at our initial visit. In all our actions, however, the welfare of your animal will always be our primary concern. If you cannot be contacted for any reason, we will undertake the responsibility of managing the situation in such a manner as to minimize the distress to the animal as much as is reasonably possible whilst minimizing the cost to you.

Thoughts4Paws has an on-call emergency veterinarian; Dr. Robert Bearden at Mercedes Place Animal Hospital, telephone (817)-249-1986.

Alternatively we will use Metrowest Emergency Hospital

As an example, the following is a testimonial submitted by one of our clients to her local newspaper:

Feline felicitation

"I would like to extend my family's gratitude to a local pet sitting business, Thoughts4Paws. Two days after she begun tending for out pets while I was out-of-state, Thoughts4Paws owner Lyn Sykes noticed one of our pets did not seem well. She took him to our vet, Aledo Veterinary Clinic, where he underwent emergency surgery that saved his life. Dr, McEndree later told me that whatever I was paying Lyn, "it wasn't enough". The cat would not have survived another 24hrs.

My family is indebted to Lyn for her care and attention. We certainly will use Thoughts4Paws in the future and recommend Lyn to everyone we know.

Our gratitude, too, to Fido & Friends for referring Lyn to us, and to Dr. Darryl McEndree and Aledo Vet Clinic for their (as always) wonderful care. It is reassuring to know that our neighboring businesses are so attentive, competent and caring ... perfect examples of why we love living in Parker County."

Susan Karnes (letter to The Aledo Community News, February 9th 2007)